Unlocking the Mysteries of Cataloging: A Workbook of Examples, 2/e

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Elizabeth Haynes, Joanna F. Fountain, and Michele Zwierski

ISBN-13: 9781610695695

204 pages • 8½ x 11
Year Published: 2015

Ideal for students and both beginning and practicing catalogers in public, school, and academic libraries, this updated workbook offers targeted, hands-on exercises that enhance understanding of description, classification, subject analysis, subject heading application, and MARC 21 subject analysis.

Like the first edition, this updated workbook has a straightforward goal: to help expand and improve the effectiveness of library catalogs. It is designed to supplement existing textbooks by providing exercises in AACR2r and RDA description, classification, subject analysis, and MARC protocols. Particular attention is given to problems that may arise when cataloging books as well as multimedia combinations, 3-D items, toys, natural objects, maps, printed and performed music, bilingual materials, and electronic files. Through the exercises, you will better understand the overall process of cataloging an item and making a record, the application of RDA in producing records, the steps for cataloging new media, and the differences in records using RDA or AACR2r.

To enhance the exercises, the workbook incorporates photographs of real materials and offers questions for consideration. There is also a companion website with enlargeable color graphics. The site provides complete answer records and additional indexes for instructors to use in selecting examples for specific elements in the record. For students, new or advanced, selected MARC answer records are included, as are special lists, forms, and indexes leading to the tools any cataloger will need.


  • Provides more than 100 examples that together encompass virtually all types of materials libraries collect and catalog, with MARC "answer" records
  • Offers exercises that allow practice in AACR2r and RDA, description, subject classification, subject heading application, classification, subject analysis, and MARC 21
  • Covers both RDA and AACR2r answer records for selected exercises
  • Includes non-English materials
  • Links to a website that provides for multiple approaches and answer records and enables you to view all the graphics in color and enlarge them as needed
  • Links instruction to an additional website that provides answer records for all exercises
Sku: 9781610695695

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