Creating a Culture of Evaluation: Taking Your Library From Talk to Action

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edited by Bill Irwin and Kimberly Silk

ISBN-13: 9780889690585

358 pages • 6 x 9
Year Published: 2017

"A must-read to not only create a new culture of evaluation that makes sense in the long term, but to understand how in the short term, we can all make better decisions for our communities." (Emilie Couture, Voices: Topics in Canadian Librarianship, 1.2.2017)

Developing a culture of evaluation is a necessary part of successfully demonstrating the value and impact that libraries have on their communities. Creating a Culture of Evaluation: Taking Your Library from Talk to Action illuminates the importance of endorsing outcome-based evaluation at the administrative level and demonstrates how to implement and integrate evaluation practices on a practical level. The goal is to encourage the development and use of evaluation practices in library operations, thereby giving libraries the evidence they need to effectively demonstrate their economic, educational, cultural, and social value.

Sku: 9780889690585

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