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Creating a Culture of Evaluation: Taking Your Library From Talk to Action

OLA Press

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edited by Bill Irwin and Kimberly Silk

ISBN-13: 9780889690585

358 pages • 6 x 9
Year Published: 2017

The world has changed significantly since the financial crisis of 2008. Publicly funded institutions are being challenged to demonstrate their financial value and economic impact in ways that are new to many of them. Public libraries, which have long depended upon public funding without having to justify how that money was spent, are now being asked to prove their worth in terms of the amount of money taxpayers invest versus the value they receive in return.

This emphasis on economic impact, however, is only one quantitative impact measure, and it ignores qualitative aspects of value that are much more difficult to assess and document. A new approach to quantitative and qualitative impacts is therefore needed if we want to capture the multi-dimensional value of libraries to their communities. The desire for a new, outcome-based evaluation model is profound within the public library community. In a climate of increasing costs and diminishing public budgets, public libraries&emdash;more than ever&emdash;need to show the positive difference they make in their communities and neighbourhoods.

Developing a culture of evaluation is a necessary part of successfully demonstrating the value and impact that libraries have on their communities. Creating a Culture of Evaluation: Taking Your Library from Talk to Action illuminates the importance of endorsing outcome-based evaluation at the administrative level and demonstrates how to implement and integrate evaluation practices on a practical level. The goal is to encourage the development and use of evaluation practices in library operations, thereby giving libraries the evidence they need to effectively demonstrate their economic, educational, cultural, and social value.

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables


Foreword by Guy Berthiaume

1. The Cost of Doing Nothing by Bill Irwin

2. Understanding the Research Process by Kimberly Silk

3. The Logic Model: Measuring If We Matter by Rebecca Jones & Moe Hosseini-Ara

4. Approaches to Measuring Social Impact by Kimberly Silk

5. Designing and Communicating Social Impact by Alexandra Yarrow

6. Communities, Culture, and Value by Louis D'Alton

7. Assessing Learning and Measuring Its Impact by Anita Brooks Kirkland

8. Measuring Economic Impact by Kimberly Silk

9. The Challenges of Data Collection and Analysis by Shaun McDonough

10. How Outcome Evaluation Can&emdash;and Should&emdash;Change Your Practice by Jan Klakurka & Candice Chow

11. Barriers and Challenges to New Systems of Evaluation: Organizational Culture by Bill Irwin

12. Building Influence: Communicating Results and Value Through Advocacy by Stephen Abram

Appendix A: List of Impact Studies

Appendix B: Case Studies

Appendix C: The Logic Model: Further Reading


Glossary of Terms



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