Practical Ontologies for Information Professionals

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David Stuart

ISBN-13: 9780838915110

224 pages • 6 x 9
Year Published: 2016

The development of robust and widely used ontologies is an increasingly important tool in the fight against information overload. The publishing and sharing of explicit explanations for a wide variety of conceptualizations, in a machine readable format, has the power to both improve information retrieval and identify new knowledge. This new book provides an accessible introduction to

  • defining the concept of ontologies and why they are increasingly important to information professionals;
  • ontologies and the Semantic Web;
  • existing ontologies, such as RDF, RDFS, SKOS, and OWL2;
  • adopting and building ontologies, showing how to avoid repetition of work and how to build a simple ontology;
  • interrogating ontologies for reuse; and
  • the future of ontologies and the role of the information professional in their development and use.
Sku: 9780838915110

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