NextGen Genealogy: The DNA Connection

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David R. Dowell

ISBN-13: 9781610697279  

173 pages • 7 x 10

Covering all three major categories of DNA testing for genealogical purposes, this book gives genealogists and other readers expert guidance on how to use this powerful and evolving tool.

DNA testing can serve as a powerful tool that unlocks the hidden information within our bodies for family history research. This book explains how genetic genealogy works and answers the questions of genealogists and individuals seeking information on their family trees.

Now that DNA testing for genealogical purposes has existed for nearly a decade and a half—and been refined and improved during that time—it has established its value among family history researchers. It is now becoming accepted as another tool in the kit of well-rounded genealogists. This book covers this fast-growing application of genetics, empowering genealogists to apply this information to further their research. It will also enable general readers to understand how genetic information can be applied to verify or refute documentary research—and to break down frustrating walls that block the discovery of ancestors.

The book describes the three major categories of DNA testing for family history research: Y-chromosome tests for investigating paternal (surname) lines, mitochondrial tests for investigating maternal (umbilical) lines, and autosomal tests for exploring close relationships. Expert genealogists David Dowell and CeCe Moore provide guidance on deciding which test to take and identifying which members of your family should be tested to answer your most important genealogical questions. Readers will also learn how to interpret the results of tests and methods for further analysis to get additional value from them.


  • Presents an overview to genealogical principles and an introduction to DNA testing for nonexpert audiences
  • Explains how genetic genealogy can provide data from within our bodies that tells us about who we are, who our ancestors were, and what characteristics our descendants may have
  • Addresses key legal and ethical issues regarding DNA testing
  • Describes the accepted protocols of DNA collection, handling, processing, evaluation, and interpretation that make DNA information more reliable than the other kinds of genealogical information
Sku: 9781610697279

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