Hot-Ticket Meetings (Leadership Planners Series)

Product Description

Why do so many of us dislike meetings? And why does that popup reminder on our screen often trigger feelings of dread and boredom? It’s because all too often it means sitting through or leading another do-nothing, time-wasting, fingers-on-the-chalkboard, “we talk about the same thing every month” obligation. But as a team leader, you can do better. It’s time to flip the script on this bedrock of organizational culture and remake meetings into the kind of hot-ticket gatherings that will make attendees feel confident and motivated, informed and included. In this succinct Leadership Planner, loaded with self-reflective questions, activities, and prompts, renowned management author Hakala-Ausperk shows you how to forge ahead. By using this resource, you will learn how to

  • introduce real and significant innovations in how meetings are run and how information is shared in your organization;
  • create and use a staff Virtual File that will focus and streamline your meetings;
  • clarify every meeting’s goals, helping you determine who should (and shouldn’t) be included;
  • design a meeting script that will keep your meetings on target, on track, and on time; and
  • maximize meetings’ impact by choosing specific roles for each attendee to play, assuring comprehensive input and broad idea sharing.

Once the value, inclusiveness, and effectiveness of your new meeting style is known, opportunities to attend your events will become hot tickets indeed!

ISBN: 978-0-8389-4628-2
Published: 2020
Publisher: ALA Editions
Pages: 48
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