The Elementary School Library Makerspace: A Start-Up Guide

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by Marge Cox


135 pages

8 1/2" x 11"

How do you start an elementary school library makerspace while still balancing all of the current school library tasks in place AND staying within your budget and integrating with the school curriculum? This book shows how.

A must-read for elementary school librarians interested in starting a makerspace at their school, but who are concerned about the cost and are looking for curriculum links for getting started.

Makerspaces are a powerful way to expand a school library's influence as an educational partner in the school community. However, many elementary school librarians and educators are hesitant to consider adding a makerspace to their programming due to concerns about costs. This book focuses on effective ways to start a makerspace in your school on a shoestring budget while simultaneously supporting curriculum standards and inviting the collaboration of other members of your school community. 

Today's school librarians have many responsibilities and often face a shrinking budget. The Elementary School Library Makerspace: A Start-Up Guide is a one-stop shop for learning the specific steps to successfully starting an elementary school library makerspace, without getting behind on managing your current school library tasks and responsibilities or blowing your budget. You'll learn how and where the makerspace movement started, and why; understand why today's young students crave hands-on experiences; and receive dozens of makerspace examples for each grade level by content area, including ones for language arts, math, science, engineering, arts, social studies, and technology. The book also covers how and why to track particular numbers regarding program performance, explains how to use creativity to start your makerspace with minimal dollars, and outlines how to make your PR efforts in letting others know about your school library makerspace effective in engaging many possible audiences.


  • Features ready-to-use, reproducible curricular lessons to use in a makerspace environment
  • Provides specific ideas on how to create and fund a makerspace with very little money
  • Presents specific advice on how to staff and run an elementary school makerspace while maintaining all other library services
  • Includes helpful ideas to encourage community involvement
  • Helps advance the teaching of curriculum standards from theory to actual understanding
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