Crash Course in Strategic Planning <em>(Crash Course)</em>

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Stephen A. Matthews and Kimberly D. Matthews

ISBN-13: 9781598844825

101 pages • 8½ x 11

Being successful depends on having a careful plan of action. This would seem obvious, but it's easy to lose sight of when one is distracted by day-to-day tasks and "emergencies". Additionally, the commitment of a single individual to a plan isn't enough—the effort of an entire group guided by a cohesive directive is usually required to achieve success.

For practitioners, this text provides an easy-to-understand approach to strategic planning and execution.

The general recipe for achieving an intended outcome is equal parts of the following: clear vision and mission, a practical strategic plan, daily activities linked to the mission, and unified commitment to the plan. However, orchestrating the details of these necessary components is somewhat more complicated.

Crash Course in Strategic Planning uses a process approach to the creation of a strategic plan, providing practitioners with no-nonsense instruction on planning. The volume is arranged to lead the reader through the stages of planning, from the beginning development stages through the execution of the plan to completing the plan and attaining the objective. A variety of recommended planning techniques are supplied for groups to use to accomplish their planning goals, and the final chapter emphasizes the importance of overall organizational commitment to execution of the plan.

Sku: 9781598844825

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