The Basic Business Library: Core Resources and Services, 5/e

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edited by Eric Forte and Michael R. Oppenheim

ISBN-13: 9781598846119

227 pages • 6⅛ x 9¼
Year Published: 2011 

This succinct, comprehensive sourcebook provides everything needed to start, maintain, and provide service for a business collection, and to research virtually any business topic.

Many libraries have experienced an increase in the number of users seeking financial information or help with starting a business. Navigating the vast world of business services and resources requires very specific knowledge regarding the nature of business information and its effective use for both librarian and patron.

Now in its fifth edition, The Basic Business Library is a modern sourcebook of core resources for the business library and the business information consumers and researchers it serves. This up-to-date guide also discusses strategies for acquiring and building the business collection in a Web 2.0/3.0 world and recommended approaches to providing reference service for business research. This text includes numerous real-world examples that cover market research, investment, economics, management and marketing.

This is a single-volume guide to doing business research and managing business resources and services in a multitude of library environments. Readers will gain an understanding of the nature and breadth of providers of business information; learn the types and formats of information available; become familiar with key resources and providers in major categories such as marketing, financial information, and investment; and understand how to collect, use, and provide access to business information resources.

Sku: 9781598846119

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