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African Kingdoms: An Encyclopedia of Empires and Civilizations-Hardcover-ABC-CLIO-The Library Marketplace

African Kingdoms: An Encyclopedia of Empires and Civilizations


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by Saheed Aderinto, Editor


363 pages

This history-rich volume details the sociopolitical, economic, and artistic aspects of African kingdoms from the earliest times to the second half of the 19th century.

Africa has a long and fascinating history and is a place of growing importance in the world history curriculum. This detailed encyclopedia covers the history of African kingdoms from antiquity through the mid-19th century, tracing the dynasties' ties to modern globalization and influences on world culture before, during, and after the demise of the slave trade. Along with an exploration of African heritage, this reference is rich with firsthand accounts of Africa through the oral traditions of its people and the written journals of European explorers, missionaries, and travelers who visited Africa from the 15th century and onward. 

Alphabetically arranged entries cover a particular kingdom and feature information on the economic, cultural, religious, political, social, and environmental history of the regime. The content references popular culture, movies, and art that present contemporary reenactments of kingdoms, emphasizing the importance of history in shaping modern ideas. Other features include primary source documents, a selected bibliography of print and electronic resources, and dozens of sidebars containing key facts and interesting trivia.


  • Provides relevant perspective on globalization in the pre-modern era, documenting how humans across time and places have shared various components of custom ranging from food, language, and music to religion and spirituality
  • Supports Common Core standards
  • Includes primary documents for enhancing critical thinking and research skills
  • Features cross references and suggestions for further reading
  • Highlights key facts and interesting trivia through illuminating sidebars

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