3-D Printers for Libraries, 2017 Edition

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By Jason Griffey


8.5" x 11"
Year Published: 2017

This issue of Library Technology Reports explains both the practicalities of 3-D printing and also its promise and potential in library services. A better understanding of the basics and the theory behind the hardware can help you determine the best ways to integrate 3-D printers into your library. Author Jason Griffey concentrates on the areas where much has changed in the last several years, starting with the variety of materials that are now available for printing. Then he discusses the types of 3-D printing software, including a relatively new set of tools that are designed to make 3-D printing much easier from a management standpoint. Next, he looks at the brands of printers that are available and how best to consider them when making purchasing decisions. And finally, he presents recommendations on library 3-D printing setups. This report will help you better understand the technology involved and will also provide you with a set of recommendations and best practices that will enable you to put together the very best 3-D printing setup for your library community.

This report is an updated version of the 2014 issue of Library Technology Reports 50, no. 5 “3-D Printers for Libraries.”

Sku: 9780838959886

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