LibSat™: Library Customer Feedback Management Solution

LibSat provides library managers ongoing information to assist in prioritizing and improving their library’s quality of service. LibSat includes online surveys designed to enable Library systems to capture customer satisfaction information. Online reports provide libraries with real-time access to their customers’ views and enable library management to benchmark and compare trends in customer satisfaction.

LibSat reports are adaptable. With LibSat's custom report functionality, you decide on which area(s) of your library operation you want to focus. You can benchmark and track the data that is important to you. You can adapt the reports to monitor specific issues that are important to you right now. And LibSat is customer friendly.

Our online surveys are available in multiple languages (six and counting!).

Pre-authorized personnel have 24-hour access to the data and reports through the internet. There are no costly software purchases. No on-site software or hardware installation. If you're connected to the internet, you're ready for LibSat. Just enter your access information to gain secure authenticated access to your LibSat data.


LibSat’s exclusive SQUIRE index automatically combines several customer satisfaction elements and generates a relative ranking index on both a location-specific and a system wide basis.

The index elements include:
Satisfaction, Quality, Usage, Importance, Referral and Expectation.

The SQUIRE index provides a quick, overall snap-shot of a library’s, customer-identified, satisfaction ranking. SQUIRE provides library management with a means to rank and to quickly identify library locations with customer satisfaction improvement opportunities.

Counting Opinion’s LibSat solution is a powerful new tool that enables Library Managers to:

  • Identify the barriers to increasing the number of “very satisfied” library customers (Apostles)
  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Dramatically enhance the priority setting process and ranking of customer satisfaction opportunities
  • Better tracking of changes and monitoring of outcomes
  • Benchmark and measure your library system’s “customer satisfaction” performance over time
  • Enhance Funding strategies
    • our customers indicate that definitive “customer satisfaction” facts add quality and quantitative substance to Library “persuasion” strategies (budget requests, fund raising, etc.)

Public Relations

  • Improve PR with Library customers
    • the simple fact that “you continuously welcome their opinions and suggestions
  • Stimulate Staff Morale
    • provide library staff with the customer satisfaction feedback system that they need to improve a library’s customer satisfaction—and they will!
  • Impress your Board
    • better command of customer feedback and actionable reports is a Library management imperative

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