Archives: Principles and Practices, 2/e

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Laura A. Millar

ISBN-13: 9780838916063

304 pages • 6 x 9
Year Published: 2017 

Written in clear language with lively examples, the book outlines fundamental archival principles and practices, introduces core concepts, and explains best practices to ensure that documentary materials are cared for as effectively as possible. This revised edition contains expanded discussion of the impact of digital technologies on archival materials and archival practice and an examination of the changing role of the archivist in the digital age, as archival professionals find that they need to be directly engaged with the creators of records in order to help ensure the preservation of valuable archives, for the present and for posterity. Topics addressed in the book include:

  • the nature of archives and archival institutions;
  • the role of archival service as a matter of trust;
  • core archival concepts such as provenance, original order and respect des fonds;
  • practical guidance in the execution of central archival tasks, including appraisal, preservation, arrangement, description, reference and access; and
  • discussion about the changing role and responsibilities of the archival institution and archival practitioner, as digital technologies fundamentally transform how records and archives are created, captured, preserved, used and shared.
Sku: 9780838916063

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