The No-Nonsense Guide to Born-Digital Content

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Heather Ryan & Walker Sampson

Libraries and archives of all sizes are collecting and managing an increasing proportion of digital content. Within this body of digital content is a growing pool of ‘born-digital’ content: content that has been created and has often existed solely in digital form. Providing continued, sustainable access to a wide array of born-digital content is a challenge for libraries and archives, particularly because of the broad and highly technical skills needed to build and sustain born-digital content management workflows.

The No-Nonsense Guide to Born Digital Content provides an entry level how-to guide that aims to help ease inexperienced students and practitioners into this area. It explains step by step processes for developing and implementing born-digital content workflows in library and archive settings of all sizes and includes a range of case studies collected from small, medium and large institutions internationally. Coverages includes:

  • the wide range of digital storage media and the various sources of born-digital content;
  • an overview of digital information basics; 
  • selection, acquisition, accessioning, and ingest;
  • description, preservation, and access;
  • methods for designing and implementing workflows for born-digital collection processing;
  • a comprehensive glossary of common technical terms; and
  • strategies and philosophies to move forward as technologies change.
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