The Resilient School Library

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Carol A. Doll and Beth Doll

ISBN-13: 9781591586395

123 pages • 8½ x 11
Year Published: 2010

Resilience is the capacity of children to grow up successful, content, and competent even though they are faced with adversities like poverty, violence, illness, or neglect. Schools can create environments that help these children succeed. The Resilient School Library provides information about resilience and suggests specific strategies school library media specialists can use to support children who are at risk. These same strategies will also strengthen the resilience of those children who are already functioning well.

After a brief introduction to the six elements of resilience, each element is addressed in greater detail in chapters focusing on academic efficacy, self-selected learning goals, behavioral self-control, positive relationships with peers, a positive relationship with a caring adult, and creating a family situation that supports what happens in school. A chapter on pedagogical strategies supplements comments in the six main chapters, while a chapter on action research will help readers document the effect of the plans they enact to support resilience.

Based on educational research, this book will help school librarians create an environment that supports resilience in their school library media center.

Children may face many risks as they grow up, including poverty, poor health, and family dysfunction. Those who experience three or more conditions of risk also face an increased likelihood of difficulties as adults, including criminal activity and unemployment. Yet, not all of these children are failures. Just what is it that makes some "the resilient children" and how can our schools help them thrive?

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