Readers Theatre for Global Explorers

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Doraine Bennett

ISBN-13: 9781598845150

190 pages • 8½ x 11

Throughout history, powerful kings and queens have sent their emissaries on quests for land and wealth to expand their empires. But what about those emissaries? A man who ventures to sail into uncharted seas, knowing he may never return. A woman who disguises herself and walks into forbidden lands. What gave them the courage and the strength to face many daunting challenges? How did they feel during the worst and best times in their adventures?

Readers Theatre for Global Explorers gives social studies teachers and school librarians a tool to introduce students to the determined men and women who ventured into unknown territory. This collection of short scripts for 4th?8th grade students teaches about explorers, their native cultures, and the lands they found. Just as importantly, they make learning fun.

This exciting compilation of readers theatre scripts for the 4th to 8th grade social studies classroom brings history to life via the adventures of explorers across the globe.

Social studies should never be boring, especially when it comes to recounting the adventures of the world's greatest explorers. From the travels of Leif Eriksson in the first century to the historic accomplishments of astronauts Neil Armstrong and John Glenn, learning about these explorers will fire the imaginations of elementary and middle school students.

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