RDA Essentials

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Thomas Brenndorfer

ISBN-13: 9780838913284

384 pages • 8½ x 11
Year Published: 2016

This concise guide to cataloging with RDA: Resource Description and Access specifically hones in on the needs of those seeking a simplified path to creating basic RDA records. First describing foundational RDA concepts and vocabulary, Brenndorfer then distills RDA instructions, matching them to cataloging practice in easy-to-follow language. Current with RDA instructions through the April 2015 update to RDA, this guide makes an excellent primer while also serving as a bridge to more complex cataloging. It’s an ideal resource for:

  • Small libraries that require standard cataloging but don’t need all the details of structure and content of the full RDA
  • LIS students who need an introduction to cataloging
  • Paraprofessionals seeking a ready reference for copy cataloging
  • Experienced catalogers needing a quick summary of RDA practice

A handy offline access point for solo and part-time catalogers, Brennndorfer’s guide also supports training and classroom use in any size institution.

Sku: 9780838913284

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