Plagiarism in Higher Education: Tackling Tough Topics in Academic Integrity

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With considerations for students, faculty members, librarians, and researchers, this book will explain and help to mitigate plagiarism in higher education contexts.

Plagiarism is a complex issue that affects many stakeholders in higher education, but it isn't always well understood. This text provides an in-depth, evidence-based understanding of plagiarism with the goal of engaging campus communities in informed conversations about proactive approaches to plagiarism.

Offering practical suggestions for addressing plagiarism campus-wide, this book tackles such messy topics as self-plagiarism, plagiarism among international students, essay mills, and contract cheating. It also answers such tough questions as:


  • Why do students plagiarize, and why don't faculty always report it?
  • Why are plagiarism cases so hard to manage?
  • What if researchers themselves plagiarize?
  • How can we design better learning assessments to prevent plagiarism?
  • When should we choose human detection versus text-matching software?

  • This nonjudgmental book focuses on academic integrity from a teaching and learning perspective, offering comprehensive insights into various aspects of plagiarism with a particular lens on higher education to benefit the entire campus community.

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