Never Let a Ghost Borrow Your Library Book

Product Description

Karen Casale; illustrated by Cecilia Rebora

ISBN-13: 9781602130616

32 pages • 8½ x 11
Year Published: 2010

Silly tips and fun illustrations provide basic book care guidelines

The Library Secret Service agents know all there is to know about proper book care And they're more than happy to remind you of a few guidelines. For instance:

  • Do not let a baby drool on your books—especially if she's just eaten strained peas
  • Do not dog-ear, dog-slurp or dog-slime your books—use a bookmark
  • Do not take your books out in the rain or put them in the bathtub—YOU should definitely take a bath, however
  • Do not leave your books out in the sun—they are sensitive to UV rays, just like you

Packed full of hysterical tips, funny pop-quizzes, silly illustrations and running commentary from LSS agents, this outlandish picture book reminds readers of the many ways we keep books in tip-top shape.

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