Expert Internet Searching, 5/e

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Phil Bradley

ISBN-13: 9781783302475

248 pages • 6 x 9
Year Published: 2017

In an environment where increasing amounts of information (and fake news) flood the internet on websites and social media, the information professional’s job is getting harder. It is important that they are skilled at finding and using the appropriate information and assisting users in working out what information they need and the best way of getting it. Expert Internet Searching provides library and information professionals with in-depth practical information on how to search the internet quickly and effectively to help their users and make their lives easier.

Now fully revised for its fifth edition, this book covers the basics of search before going into detail on how to run advanced and complex searches using a variety of different search engines. This edition has been updated to include current trends in search, such as social media search, fake news, and discussion of the authority and validity of search results. It will ensure that information professionals, whether complete beginners or more experienced, are able to work efficiently to obtain accurate information in a timely fashion. Key topics covered include:

  • an introduction to the internet and search engines;
  • the Google experience and a discussion of its disadvantages;
  • directory, clustering and similarity search engines;
  • visual and image search engines;
  • specialized search engines incorporating academic search and services for children;
  • academic and other specialized search engines;
  • news-based search engines including traditional media resources and a discussion of fake news;
  • social media search engines; and

  • hints and tips on better searching.

This book will be useful reading for any information professional who is seeking to gain an in-depth understanding of the search process and the search industry. It provides a vital guide to the basics in search, but will also help experienced professionals stay up to date with the latest trends and information in the industry.

Sku: 9781783302475

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