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Tomes of Terror: Haunted Bookstores and Libraries - The Library Marketplace

Tomes of Terror: Haunted Bookstores and Libraries

Dundurn Press

  • $24.99

Mark Leslie

ISBN-13: 9781459728608

272 pages • 5½ x 8½
Year Published: 2014

A supernatural tour of bookstores and libraries around the world, focusing on the ghost stories from haunted locations.

Throughout history, books have inspired, informed, entertained, and enriched us. They have also kept us up through the night, thrilled us, and lured into their endless depths. Tomes of Terror is a celebration and an eerie look at the siren call of literature and the unexplained and fascinating stories associated with bookish locations around the world.

Mark Leslie's latest paranormal page-turner is a compendium of true stories of the supernatural in literary locales, complete with hair-raising first-person accounts. You may even recognize a spectre of your local library lurking in these true stories and photographs. If you have ever felt an indescribable presence hanging about a quiet bookshop, then you'll enjoy these fascinating and haunting tales.

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