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Supporting Reading in Grades 6-12: A Guide

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Sybil M. Farwell and Nancy L. Teger

ISBN-13: 9781598848038

358 pages • 8½ x 11
Year Published: 2012

This book presents a curricular framework for students grades 6 to 12 that school librarians and teachers can use collaboratively to enhance reading skill development, promote literature appreciation, and motivate young people to incorporate reading into their lives, beyond the required schoolwork.

Evidence that many middle school and high school students are not reading during leisure time is continuing to mount. A recent report released as part of The Nation's Report Card revealed that among students who were asked how often they read for fun on their own time, the percent of respondents who answered "almost every day" dropped from 44% in fourth grade to only 21% in eighth grade, and dwindled further to 18% in twelfth grade. What steps can educators take to reverse this steady decline in non-academic reading?

Supporting Reading Grades 6 to 12: A Guide addresses head-on the disturbing trend of declining leisure reading among students and demonstrates how school librarians can contribute to the development of lifelong reading habits as well as improve students' motivation and test scores. The book provides a comprehensive framework for achieving this: the READS curriculum, which stands for Read as a personal activity; Explore characteristics, history, and awards of creative works; Analyze structure and aesthetic features of creative works; Develop a literary-based product; and Score reading progress.

Each of these five components is explained thoroughly, describing how school librarians can encourage students to read as individuals, in groups, and as school communities; support classroom teachers' instruction; and connect students to today's constantly evolving technologies. Used in combination with an inquiry/information-skills model, the READS curriculum enables school librarians to deliver a dynamic, balanced library program that addresses AASL's Standards for the 21st-Century Learner.

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