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School Library Makerspaces: Grades 6–12

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Leslie B. Preddy

ISBN-13: 9781610694940

193 pages • 8½ x 11

An essential resource for intermediate, middle, and high school librarians that guides the planning, learning, and implementation of a school library makerspace.

The roles of school library media specialists and school libraries themselves are ever changing in response to the needs of the community and the evolution of human thinking, interaction, and learning processes. A school library makerspace can provide patrons with a place for learning, doing, and creating. It offers a location for tackling inventions, fine arts, crafts, industrial technology, hobbies, e-textiles, foodcrafting, DIY couture, fabrication, upcycling, and STEM right in the middle of the information gateway—the library. This book completely explains the makerspace concept and supplies real-world implementation guidance and inexpensive programming ideas that can be used as-is or adapted to suit a specific library or community's needs. Readers will be able to hit the ground running to implement their own makerspace with practical project ideas they put to use immediately.


Reviewed by Stefanie Cole, Durham DSB

In a time when schools are focusing on raising test scores, it is important that we engage all of our students with their differing interests, skills, and strengths. Implementing a makerspace program into your library can do just that.

Makerspaces are nothing new and have been associated with libraries, in the United States at least, as far back as the 1800s, and the idea is currently gaining popularity again. Schools and libraries are implementing makerspace programs to allow students to explore, build, create, and reflect. The question for busy educators is how to practically achieve this.

Leslie Preddy's goal is to share "concepts and resources to create a school library makerspace on a budget with some kick-start genuine creativity." Her fast-reading reference is designed for anyone working with students in the Grades 6 to 12 range interested in starting up a makerspace program. She provides many structural details and outlines, even explaining how makerspaces fit into today's Learning and Common Core Standards. There is a full range of activities from cooking, sewing, circuitry, digital storytelling, upcycling, robotics, and more with detailed step-by-step procedures for many simple activities. A multitude of references—online and print—are provided in all topic areas, if your students wish to explore related issues or take their making to another level.

The references provided are one of the highlights of this book. You could get lost for days exploring the links provided on every aspect of makerspaces. Leslie Preddy's knowledge, research skills and creativity shine through the pages of School Library Makerspaces.

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