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Reference Sources and Services for Youth

ALA Neal-Schuman

  • $100.95

Meghan Harper

ISBN-13: 9781555706418

328 pages • 6" x 9"
Year Published: 2011

With so much content available, the challenge for K-12 library media specialists, teachers, and youth services librarians alike is how and where to direct students so they spend time on productive research rather than aimless Internet searches. This user-friendly book will help you teach and support students as they learn to access, evaluate and use print and electronic information successfully. For library professionals, there are skill-based exercises and case study scenarios in each chapter. These tools will sharpen your professional reference skills and your insights into reference collection management specifically for the school and young adult library setting. For paraprofessionals, aides, and non-degreed staff working in childrens and young adult services, this book provides valuable professional development support. College and graduate-level Library Science faculty will find multiple applications for this information, as both a core and supplemental course resource.

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