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Read On...Graphic Novels: Reading Lists for Every Taste <em>(Read On Series)</em> - The Library Marketplace

Read On...Graphic Novels: Reading Lists for Every Taste (Read On Series)

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Abby Alpert

ISBN-13: 9781591588252

177 pages • 6 x 9¼ 
Year Published: 2012

With more than 500 original descriptive annotations in over 70 thematic lists, this unique compilation makes it easy for adult readers and librarians to discover graphic novel reads that satisfy their interests and reading tastes.

Over the last two decades, graphic novels have transformed from a niche market to a legitimized medium of literature. Graphic novels are now sold through major distributors, regularly reviewed in bestseller lists, and awarded prestigious prizes including National Book Awards and MacArthur Grants. A library with an up-to-date graphic novel collection can attract audiences that are not typically library users, promote visual literacy, boost circulation, and build library-user loyalties.

Graphic novels are not the junk food of the literature world. Indeed, this inventive, high-quality storytelling medium comprises satisfying adult literature that can contain and express as much intellect, moral conflict, depth, and complexity as other artistic formats, embracing all genres, fiction and non-fiction alike.

Read On...Graphic Novels: Reading Lists for Every Taste fulfills the promise of its title, providing more than 500 original annotations organized within 70 thematic lists. The broad selection of titles is further categorized by key appeal elements, including story, character, setting, language, and mood, providing unique access points that allow discovery of interests to transcend subject headings in catalogs. The selection encompasses all genres, ranging from literary fiction to mystery to science fiction, and from superhero stories to family sagas to coming-of-age tales. Nonfiction titlesmemoirs, travelogues, history, and text booksare also well represented, as are international graphic novels, including the extremely popular manga category (Japanese graphic novels).

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