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Libraries Partnering with Self-Publishing: A Winning Combination

Libraries Partnering with Self-Publishing: A Winning Combination

Libraries Unlimited

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Robert J. Grover, Kelly Visnak, Carmaine Ternes, Miranda Ericsson and Lissa Staley

ISBN-13: 9781440841583 ¥ 148 pages ¥ 7 x 10 ¥ 2016

Help your library leverage opportunities in the popular do-it-yourself publishing movement by following this guide's process for creating and producing books.

In this useful guidebook, you'll learn how to transform your library into a self-publishing center with pointers, advice, and strategies for creating, producing, and printing books—both digitally and on paper. The book outlines your partnering role with patrons in the creation of published materials, offering step-by-step guidance for assisting library users who wish to put their written words in print. By using the detailed plan in this reference, you'll be able to help patrons identify an audience for their material, select the best publishing software for their needs, and utilize social media to promote and distribute their work.

Chapters follow the publishing process from planning to creative development, production, and marketing. The final chapter features books, websites, and Internet sources for designing brochures; creating a website; and designing, printing, and distributing a book. Helpful guidelines accompany excerpts from interviews with librarians experienced with this publishing model, examples of self-published books, and graphic models.

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