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Keep It Simple: A Guide to Assistive Technologies

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Ravonne A. Green and Vera Blair

ISBN-13: 9781591588665

146 pages • 6 x 9¼ 
Year Published: 2011

Keep it Simple: A Guide to Assistive Technologies provides a basic tutorial on common assistive computer applications and commonly available, inexpensive hardware and software to help librarians incorporate such aids into the library's current infrastructure.

Focusing on applications commonly available on Microsoft Office and other low-cost technologies, this book offers guidance for the practitioner that can help every library move toward universal access. Librarians will find advice on planning accessible services, selecting appropriate assistive technologies, marketing disability services and assistive technology, and training staff in disability services issues and the use of assistive technology. Individual chapters cover print, hearing, speech, and mobility disabilities, offering resources and tutorials for each of these disability categories.

This book offers simple, straightforward guidance for the practitioner who wants to use assistive technologies to extend library access.

Approximately 19.4 percent of the population in the United States has some form of disability, including more than 50 percent of Americans over age 65. Some 13.1 million people depend on some kind of assistive device. What meaning does this have for the library seeking to extend access to traditional library resources and services to every member of its community?

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