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Integrating Young Adult Literature Through the Common Core Standards-Paperback-Libraries Unlimited-The Library Marketplace

Integrating Young Adult Literature Through the Common Core Standards

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Rachel L. Wadham and Jonathan W. Ostenson

ISBN-13: 9781610691185

260 pages • 8½ x 11

This book advocates for a stronger role for young-adult literature in ELA classrooms, compellingly documenting how this body of work meets both the needs of adolescent students and the demands of the common core for complex texts and tasks.

Now that the common core state standards have been adopted in nearly every state in the country, the task before school professionals is to decide how to implement these standards: what texts are best suited to help students become proficient, competent readers? Can young-adult literature meet teenage students' developmental and social needs as well as the demands of learning standards?

Integrating Young Adult Literature through the Common Core Standards provides a compelling template for teachers that uses young adult literature and inquiry learning to meet students' needs and the demands of the common core standards.

The first part of the book addresses the widely adopted common core state standards by examining closely the standards' model of text complexity and demonstrating how young adult literature can fill the requirements of this model. The second part provides theoretical discussions and analysis of the standards as well as concrete applications of young adult literature within the classroom in order to give school professionals a comprehensive understanding of how young adult literature and the standards can work together. The book empowers schools and teachers to make intelligent, informed decisions about texts and instructional practices that benefit their students.

Finally, the authors explore a powerful teaching approach that integrates current understandings about learning, young adult literature, and the common core standards in a way that will facilitate greater learning and understanding in English classrooms.

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