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Demystifying eResearch: A Primer for Librarians-Paperback-Libraries Unlimited-The Library Marketplace

Demystifying eResearch: A Primer for Librarians

Libraries Unlimited

  • $105.00

Victoria Martin

ISBN-13: 9781610695206

189 pages • 6⅛ x 9¼
Year Published: 2014

Both novice and experienced librarians will gain critical knowledge from this book to expand their existing competencies and become eResearch experts.

eResearch presents new challenges in managing data. This book explains to librarians and other information specialists what eResearch is, how it impacts library services and collections, and how to contribute to eResearch activities at their parent institutions.

Today's librarians need to be technology-savvy information experts who understand how to manage datasets. Demystifying eResearch: A Primer for Librarians prepares librarians for careers that involve eResearch, clearly defining what it is and how it impacts library services and collections, explaining key terms and concepts, and explaining the importance of the field. You will come to understand exactly how the use of networked computing technologies enhances and supports collaboration and innovative methods particularly in scientific research, learn about eResearch library initiatives and best practices, and recognize the professional development opportunities that eResearch offers.

This book takes the broad approach to the complex topic of eResearch and how it pertains to the library community, providing an introduction that will be accessible to readers without a background in electronic research. The author presents a conceptual overview of eResearch with real-world examples of electronic research activities to quickly increase your familiarity with eResearch and awareness of the current state of eResearch librarianship.


  • Provides librarians and other information professionals with a clear understanding of what eResearch is, how it impacts library mission, services and collections
  • Defines and explains key eResearch terms and concepts
  • Describes eResearch library initiatives and identifies best practices
  • Identifies potential eResearch activities areas such as providing assistance with data management plans, depositing data, collecting and disseminating data sets, collaborating with faculty on eResearch projects, performing research consultations, and creating train-the-trainer programs.

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