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Crash Course in Public Library Administration(Crash Course)

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  • $58.50

Wayne Disher

ISBN-13: 9781598844658 ¥ 163 pages ¥ 8.5 x 11 ¥ 2010

Most careers require the wisdom that only comes from experience to avoid making critical errors; public library administration positions are no exception. The best way to avoid the pitfalls of public library administration without experiencing them firsthand is to take direction from someone experienced in the field.

Crash Course in Public Library Administration introduces librarians in rural or small urban areas to public administration as it applies to libraries. Regardless of whether the reader is currently a director or senior administrator, or wishing to be in such a role later, this information will help prepare them for a successful career in public library administration. The 15 chapters in this text provide basic overviews of key subjects like policies, budgeting, general planning, and facility management.

This book provides an approachable yet thorough introduction to the often complex field of public library administration.

To be successful in public library administration takes more than just good intentions. The ability to navigate bureaucratic and political processes is vital, especially in today's environment of dwindling funds. Ironically, the people "in power" are not necessarily the ones with the most authority to help you achieve your goals.

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