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Crash Course in Library Budgeting and Finance <em>(Crash Course)</em>

Crash Course in Library Budgeting and Finance (Crash Course)

Libraries Unlimited

  • $62.95

Glen E. Holt and Leslie E. Holt

ISBN-13: 9781440834745  

128 pages • 8½ x 11

Concise, informative, and well-indexed, this book helps readers get the "big picture" as well as the considerable number of details involved in managing the finances for a library.

For all libraries, money is critical to decision-making about technology, staffing, and collections. As a result, informed budgeting is critically important for any library to succeed. This book explains library finance in a practical, engaging way, using examples of real situations in different types of libraries to teach key points. Written by authors with years of experience in budgeting and financial planning within a variety of library settings and in teaching library management or fundraising at the university level, Crash Course in Library Budgeting and Finance makes it painless to learn how to properly manage money in any library environment.

The book addresses the entire process of financial planning, from a general, conceptual overview of library budgeting to the details of generating and spending income, and describes best practices for implementing financial controls. Subjects covered include building construction and capital projects, fund raising, capital campaigns, moving to fee-based services, extending and developing earned income, financial best practices, and assessment and evaluation. The authors also make recommendations regarding when and how to share relevant financial information throughout the organization and with constituents throughout the book.


  • Provides completely updated information through engaging, clear explanations of details on licensing, contracts, and maintaining technology and electronic resources
  • Supplies helpful guidance for all levels of library staff—not just upper management
  • Offers numerous real-world budgeting and finance examples from practicing librarians
  • Presents information relevant to library administrators in all types of libraries, staff who work with budgets, library finance and budget officers, library board or governance officers, and library foundation managers and grant writers

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