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Crash Course in Gaming (Crash Course)

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Suellen S. Adams

ISBN-13: 9781610690461

125 pages • 8½ x 11

Imagine a typical library patron who is interested in and enjoys playing video games. Was that person female? or middle-aged? While many young people are video game fans, the average gamer is now in his or her 30s, and there are more mature female "gamers" than teenage boys. Accordingly, library game programs should target all ages.

Video games aren't just for kids anymore. This book will describe the "why" and "how" to start or expand a video gaming program in the library, including some specific examples of how to target adult and female gamer patrons.

Gaming supplies more than just visual stimulation and empty entertainment; it can also promote socialization as well as the learning of both traditional and new literacies required to succeed in the modern world. Problem-solving, multi-tasking, complex decision-making on the fly, and "reading" the combination of words and graphics are vital skills for the 21st century—all of which are required to play video games.

Crash Course in Gaming discusses the pros and cons of gaming, the types of games and game systems, circulating collections, and game programs. It explains how a library's video game program can—and should—do much more than simply draw younger users to the library, providing examples of how everyone from parents to senior citizens can benefit from a patron-oriented computer gaming program. The appendices also include specific games, programs, review sources, and sources for further information.

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