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Crash Course in Family Literacy Programs (Crash Course)

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Rosemary Chance and Laura Sheneman

ISBN-13: 9781598848885  

127 pages • 8½ x 11

This book collects the research on literacy, information regarding the importance of reading to children, sources of funding, and places to find information about literacy programs in the 50 states—all in a single volume.

Public and school librarians recognize the importance of promoting literacy to all patrons, but this task can be challenging, especially when working with culturally or linguistically diverse populations. Family literacy programs can bring positive changes in parental involvement and student achievement by involving adults in a family to demonstrate, model, and guide children in literacy-related activities.

Family literacy programs can be remarkably effective in helping families who struggle in various areas of literacy or supporting their children's academic needs. Crash Course in Family Literacy Programs provides an introduction and an overview of this critical subject, defining what literacy, family literacy, and family literacy events are, and covering critical topics such as sources of funding, conclusions of recent research, and bilingual family literacy.

The first half of the book is focused on laying out background information about family literacy, while the remainder provides practical how-to information for public and school libraries to develop their own family literacy programming. The book shows perspectives of public librarians, school principals, children's book store owners, and school personnel who have successfully implemented a family literacy program. Planning sheets and lesson templates are included, making it easy to develop a family literacy program.

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