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Copyright for Schools


  • $78.00

Carol Ann Simpson

ISBN-13: 9781586833930

252 pages • 8½ x 11

An updated edition of the standard, comprehensive guide to copyright issues affecting schools, this book provides the watertight copyright policy and plan that's a must for every school district.

The potential for copyright violation is all around us. Hiring a DJ to play at a school dance is a likely violation if you don't have a public performance license for the music. Giving away a digital file is considered "commercial use;" also a violation. As copyright owners become more aggressive about enforcement of their intellectual property rights, schools need to understand exactly what isand what is notpermissible.

Copyright continues to be a timely topic as technology makes determining who owns what more and more complex. Written by the leading copyright authority for libraries, Copyright for Schools: A Practical Guide, Fifth Edition is a thoroughly updated version of the industry standard on copyright matters affecting schools.

Starting with an overview of copyright law, the book goes on to cover specific topics medium by medium, including print, software, music, video, multimedia, and more. It addresses new technologies in common use in schools and school libraries and also includes new cases and interpretations, statutory citations, guidance on best practices, and real life questions and answers to typical copyright dilemmas faced by schools. On the theory that preventing legal action is always simpler than defending it, the advice throughout is designed to enable schools to take advantage of their rights under copyright law, while avoiding the "bleeding edge" that may make them targets for copyright owners.

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