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Coast to Coast: Exploring State Book Awards

Coast to Coast: Exploring State Book Awards

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Janet W. Hilbun and Jane H. Claes

ISBN-13: 9781591587354  

249 pages • 8½ x 11

Coast to Coast: Exploring State Book Awards provides a comprehensive body of information about state book award programs: who gives the award, the purpose of the award, the nomination criteria, who votes, what wins, who they impact, and what they mean. The awards are examined as a whole and individually, with special focus on their value to teachers and librarians.

Interviews with authors, publishers, booksellers, and award program coordinators augment the award descriptions, illustrating what being an award winner means personally and professionally. Intended to go beyond a mere directory of state awards, which list only criteria and award winners, Coast to Coast offers analysis and comparison of these important awards, as well as an extensive bibliography of awards and award winners.

More than a directory, this book examines all aspects of state book award programs.

State book awards have been given since 1940. Today, there are 190 children's book awards given by 49 states. What does it mean to an author to win one of these awards? Perhaps more importantly, how can teachers and librarians determine what makes a book an award winner and which winners merit use in their classes and programs?

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