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Close Encounters with Classic Authors: Building Bridges to Better Reading Skills

Close Encounters with Classic Authors: Building Bridges to Better Reading Skills

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Cathlyn Thomas

ISBN-13: 9781440840005

260 pages • 7 x 10

This book introduces students to classic authors and connects them to genres, literary styles, and cultures, as well as to popular, contemporary reading materials, thus providing a tool for boosting reading skills.

Studies confirm that when readers have an interest in and familiarity with a genre or subject, their reading comprehension skills improve. To reach the end goal of improving student reading ability, different formats of classic works can be used as motivators to encourage a disinterested reader to dip into a classic often disdained by young readers. This book introduces readers to classic authors and works of literature that span genres, literary styles, and cultures to motivate and prepare them for comprehending classic works, in accordance with the Common Core National Standards of Literary Arts, Writing, and Social Studies.

The authors featured have been chosen because they employ literary styles and devices—for example, iambic pentameter, dialect, "iceberg effect," blank verse, and stream-of-consciousness narrative—that students need to learn about in order to comprehend classic works. Each author chapter contains a quote from the author that indicates the author's literary style, a description of the author's genre, and an examination of the author's literary style and characteristics. The book also provides an annotated reading list—arranged according to reading level—that covers the authors' contemporary era of customs and politics, biographies of the authors, and adaptations of works that introduce the books' storyline. Additionally, it identifies what different formats the classics are available in (e.g., Kindle, websites, and video).

At a time when there is great emphasis on reading, this book provides a creative approach for encouraging reading of the classics while also addressing education standards and the interests of young readers.

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