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Case Study Research: A Program Evaluation Guide for Librarians

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Ravonne A. Green

ISBN-13: 9781591588603

116 pages • 7 x 10
Year Published: 2011

This enlightening book presents a hypothetical evaluation case study to explore and propose tools for effective library program assessment.

Problem: Since accreditation standards do not contain specific, prescriptive language, determining an appropriate compliance strategy is often challenging. Solution: Case studies can be used to provide an intensive, holistic description and analysis of library programs, enabling librarians to comply with outcome assessment demands.

Although outcome assessment is almost universally expected by accreditation committees, it is difficult for librarians to determine the methods that should be employed for completing such assessments. Case Study Research: A Program Evaluation Guide for Librarians provides guidance for developing an effective program-assessment method using a case-study approach.

Built around a hypothetical case and complete with vignettes and examples, the guide explains everything from evaluating a case-study proposal to bounding the case, analyzing the context, planning questions and criteria, and identifying design and data collection methods. It discusses how to establish and maintain appropriate political, ethical, and interpersonal relationships; how to collect, analyze, and interpret quantitative and qualitative data; and finally, how to evaluate and report the case study. In addition, the book guides the reader through the process of using case-study matrices and selecting appropriate qualitative software.

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