Canoes Kids: Volume 1 The Anishinaabe of Great Spirit Island

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129 pages


Canoe Kids is a book that we hope you will keep. The information, stories and pictures are timeless and will never feel old. The stories are already thousands of years old and they are as relevant now (perhaps more so) than ever before. As your collection grows each new and past edition can be enjoyed, re-read and shared by new family, students and acquaintances.  Our team doesn't just travel and spend a few days in each location. We spend months on location and build real relationships. That means that the materials you read are not only the result of exhaustive work but also of the care and closeness of the friendships made within the community by the Canoe Kids staff. This, we believe, is much more than  just reporting. This is our mission and lives too, and we are thrilled to have you join us on our journeys.


Our materials are equal parts cultural and environmental. The latter is a natural offshoot of the former as Indigenous cultures are wrapped around and through the lands and water and sky both spiritually and from a harvesting and gathering perspective. Indigenous Peoples have long been the caretakers of Mother Earth and we can all learn from these experts whose message is perhaps more relevant today than ever.


There are three editions per year. Each edition features Peoples from a different Nation and is approximately 130 pages (without advertising). Both print and digital versions are available. Our materials are inspiring for all ages. Come explore with us!

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