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Bringing Genius Hour to Your Library: Implementing a Schoolwide Passion Project Program-Paperback-Libraries Unlimited-The Library Marketplace

Bringing Genius Hour to Your Library: Implementing a Schoolwide Passion Project Program

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by Elizabeth Barrera Rush


163 pages

8 1/2" x 11"

"Genius Hour." "Passion Project." "20% Time." Use this book to transform these common buzz-word terms into effective learning programs at your school or library.

This unique book presents a practical and realistic approach to implementing a school-wide, K–12 Genius Hour program—one that can succeed regardless of budgetary and infrastructure constraints.

Genius Hour is a movement in which students are allowed to spend a portion of their in-school time learning about a topic of their choosing—even subjects outside of the curriculum. When properly implemented, a Genius Hour program can create true passion for learning among unmotivated students, ignite interest in STEM as well as the arts, encourage collaboration, improve the relationship between educator and students, and help prepare students for real life outside of the educational system. But revamping a school library program to offer a Genius Hour program may seem like an insurmountable task—especially when working with a limited staff or budget.

This book provides specific direction and concrete advice that enables school librarians to lead a school-wide program for all grade levels, from kindergarten to 12th grade. It explains why Genius Hour is the perfect program complement to the learning commons environment; presents research and support that will empower librarians to make a convincing case to administration; explains how to enlist the participation of faculty; and provides step-by-step guidance to begin, successfully manage, and grow a campus-wide Genius Hour. Librarians will see why investing in "creative teaching" is worth the effort, despite their limited time and resources; understand how to help underperforming students make their distractions "count" in school; and look forward to playing a part in creating imaginative and independent thinkers, not test takers.


  • Provides a clear plan for implementing a school-wide genius hour program that can create a fluid learning and teaching experience for both students and librarians
  • Offers an education program that matches the goals or mission of a venue such as a learning commons environment
  • Delineates how a school librarian can fulfill a position of leadership in the school to implement a school-wide vision
  • Written with sensitivity to and knowledge of the issues that surround both public and private schools—for example, varying budgets, degrees of technology adoption, and community support

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