A Book is Just Like You

Product Description

Kathleen Fox; illustrated by John Wallace

ISBN-13: 9781602130609

32 pages • 8½ x 11

Do you know that a book is just like you? It's true Think about it:

  • On the day you were born, you were given a name. A book is given a name, too—it's called a title.
  • You have a spine that helps to keep your body together. A book also has a spine, which keeps the book's body of pages together.
  • You don't go to school naked—you wear clothes to keep warm, protect your skin, show off your fashion sense and, of course, to keep out of the principal's office
Books wear clothes, too. A book's clothes are called a cover, or jacket, and like clothes, they keep the inside of a book protected from things like kids with sticky ice cream fingers and little baby brothers. With vibrant illustrations and hilarious comparisons, A Book is Just Like You is the perfect teaching tool for helping students understand their books—inside and out.
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