Customer Service Solutions: Paradym Tech

How do you know if or when a two-way radio solution would be helpful in your library or library system?

Consider the following

In terms of customer service, what is the objective of the library?

No library wants its customers to spend extra time seeking assistance (e.g. walking to the info desk, waiting in line when trying to resolve a return issue, walking with a page trying to find the appropriate person to answer their question, etc.), especially during times of "limited staff" coverage when there are more customers than knowledgeable staff to support them. Two-way radio technology can greatly reduce these customer frustrations.

In terms of staff productivity, what is the the approach to leveraging 'enabling technology' to increase overall staff productivity?

Given that staff costs are typically the largest portion of the operating budget, what tools/techniques can the library provide to enable staff to spend more quality time with customers and with less need for them (staff) to be stationed at (tethered to) particular locations throughout the day? Two-way radio technology effectively addresses these challenges.

Other reasons to consider use of a two-way radio solution in your library 

Depending on the layout of the library, such as multiple floors, nooks and crannies, walls, back rooms, et cetera:
  • If your staff are unable to see other staff members on the library floor all of the time.
  • If your customers are unable to see a staff member on the floor at all times.
  • If the staff that is most likely to be in proximity to customers is unable to answer customer questions (e.g., pages).
  • If there is any potential for concern regarding security and safety of staff, patrons and/or library property.

The next step is to determine the specific needs of the library, with respect to the two-way radio technology, and how much it will cost?
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