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A Book Sale How-To Guide: More Money, Less Stress - The Library Marketplace

A Book Sale How-To Guide: More Money, Less Stress

ALA Editions

  • $57.50

Pat Ditzler & JoAnn Dumas

ISBN-13: 9780838910740

112 pages 
 8½ x 11 

A tried-and-true method to raise funds while engaging the community, library book sales can be a win-win situation—if done correctly. Book sale veterans Ditzler and Dumas point out specific ways to run a sale to ensure maximum financial benefit while building community support. Readers will learn 

  • The best strategies for gathering and processing donations throughout the year
  • How to organize teams of volunteers to solicit, sort, price, and manage the physical inventory of books, videos, CDs, and records
  • The importance of building momentum from one book sale to the next by recruiting a permanent team of volunteers
  • How the Internet can be used to increase sales

Using case histories from three successful ongoing programs, everything from setup to cleanup, on-site money matters, and financial control is covered. The practical sample forms included will make running a successful book sale that much easier.

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